Offshore company formations in the Bahamas

Marcel provides services for registering companies in the Bahamas and opening bank accounts in various jurisdictions.

The Bahamas are located in the Caribbean, in the North Atlantic Ocean, southeast of the state of Florida (USA).

Area – 13940 square meters. km 
The population is about 301 thousand 800 people. (2005) 
Capital – Nassau 
Languages – English, Creole. 
The currency is the Bahamian dollar (BSD).

The full name of the state is the Commonwealth of the Bahamas.

Government: constitutional parliamentary democracy.

Legal system: based on English common law. The country signed the 1961 Hague Convention.

Overview of the economy: a country with a developing economy focused on the development of tourism and the provision of offshore and banking services. The volume of the tourism sector is up to 60% of the state GDP.

Offshore company formations in the Bahamas – key facts

Corporate law

The International Business Companies Act 2000 and The International Business Companies (Amendment) Act 2004.

Type of company used for international business and investment:

IBC – International Business company (International Business Company)

Permitted activities

Any legal activity

Requirements for an offshore company

Availability of registered office and registration agent in the Bahamas.


The company is fully tax-exempt

Company name

The company name must end with Limited, Ltd, Corporation, Corp., Incorporated, Inc., Sociedad Anónima, SA, Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung, GmbH, etc.

The authorized capital of the company

The proposed share capital is USD 50,000 (it is not required to pay share capital).

Bearer shares

Not allowed.

Shares without par value


Shareholders and Directors

The minimum number of Shareholders is one (natural or legal person). 
The minimum number of Directors is one (natural or legal person).

For maximum client security, we offer the services of nominee shareholders and directors. Nominals will formally appear in all major registration documents of the Bahamas company, your representative (or you personally) will be issued a general power of attorney for the right to manage the company and denial letters of resignation of the nominal director with an open date, which you can write down changing the director, in addition, a trust declaration will be issued between the nominee shareholder and your representative (or you personally), which confirms that the nominee shareholder owns the shares Bahamian company on your behalf without your consent shall not be entitled to make them anything. Does the law provide for non-disclosure of information about the real owner and banking operations

Information is not available to third parties and can only be opened by a local court decision.

Meetings of Shareholders / Directors

Meetings of shareholders and directors can be held anywhere in the world.

The need for accounting

No requirements.

The need for an annual report

No requirements.

Access to information on shareholders and directors by third parties

Not possible Information is not available to third parties and can only be opened by a local court decision.

Storage of company documents

The place to store company documents is any.

Signed agreements to avoid double taxation


Currency control


The term of registration of the company from the date of filing

About two weeks.

Is personal presence required?

Personal presence for the registration of offshore is not necessary, all the necessary actions can be arranged remotely.

Required documents for company registration

To register a company in the Bahamas, you must provide the following documents *:

for individuals:

  • Passport
  • Address Verification

for legal entities:

  • Registration documents
  • Passports of individuals participating in the structure of a legal entity

* The list of required documents is subject to change.

Procedure and company registration procedure

  • Check and confirm the company name in the register
  • Preparation and completion of all necessary documents (Memorandum and Articles of Association, various resolutions)
  • Payment of required registration fees and charges
  • Incorporation of a company in the Register of Companies
  • Notarization and apostil (if necessary)
  • Delivery of documents to the client by courier

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