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2018’s Best Bittorrent Leeching Website Free ZbigZ Premium Account

Full Access is given to people who have subscribed to premium services of zbigz. It provides direct link entry to download bittorrent files. The Premium account has a direct entry link with username & password. ZbigZ is a cloud based website application to help users download torrent files directly from it using the direct link. Its Direct Link is very fast and offers high speed download. The ZbigZ Premium account is full of all features. The Non-Premium account also has a lot of features all that for free. When request is made to zbigz to download a torrent file, it then downloads the torrent file on to its server. It is then when it provides the direct link of the file from its server path where it downloaded and stored the torrent file requested. The premium account also doesn’t limit any file size download on its server which the free version always does.

If you download torrents file regularly to download files like movies and games then it is recommended to use the premium account of hksuperh for fast and no limit download. I stumped upon torrent files when I started a search for a rare music file which was only available on torrent website. When I looked for the download button to download on my computer, I couldn’t find it. I only found a magnet link which was unusable on IDM to start any download. So, I quickly googled for how to download torrent files and then I was shown the famous bittorrent client zbigz which would ultimately download my music file to my computer. Life became easy after this.

By using zbigz people also save their bandwidth as normal bittorrent clients use a lot of bandwidth to upload. This is saved by zbigz which gives a directly link. A direct link rarely uses any upload bandwidth. A google chrome extension is also available to use zbigz much easily and faster. The extension downloads the magnet URL and requests the zbigz servers to create a cache of that data. The chrome extension can be installed form google extension manager. Once installed enter the zbigz email address and password to make it active. With this service any bittorrent client like uTorrent isn’t required. The files in zbigz are also scanned using the best anti-viruses which modern bittorrent clients do not do. There have been many reports of computers getting infected by the virus from torrents. It is notable to know that some of the deadliest viruses are spread through torrents. The limitations through blocked torrents by Internet Service Providers is also taken care by zbigz as it gives a direct link not a torrent link which is traditionally used.

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