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Belly Dancing

There is debate, even different schools, as to what this dance is and what it does for different people. For some, it is a secular entertainment, derived from folk dances that are still used by their native cultures. For others, it is an act that moves the mountains of their souls. And yet others have a spiritual basis for their involvement in belly dance.

There is definitely something intangible about how this dance form moves people.

Personal View

With so many takes on the issue, it is wise for one to tread lightly. But as it is also a significant part of the dance for many people, we must, indeed, tread, if only to explore the alternatives and variations that are out there. This issue shares one dancer’s personal experience with Sufism and the new light it gave to her dance.

Tamsin Murray, aka Nahari, is a student of Sufi Master and Drummer Adnan Sarhan. Tamsin is currently writing a book on the Sufi experience. She has traveled worldwide with Adnan performing in Europe, the US and in Australia.

There are a great many sites on Sufism, and so many of them look interesting! But not necessarily related to the topic at hand…so here are a few that are.

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