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Every Smartphone user nowadays is willing to download, install and use the mobile app Snapchat for enhancing the overall personal and professional life. Users of this mobile app nowadays happily activate cool features in the settings and get more than a few favourable things on the go. They update the snapchat app and begin their step to use every advanced element in this social platform. Once you have successfully installed this app on your Smartphone, you can access Settings section and choose the Manage option without delay. You will get the most expected assistance and be happy to use flockpost including, but not limited to replay and special text, front-facing flash, filters and number of friends you would like to display on the send to screen of your mobile app.

The filters section of the Snapchat now includes more than a few exclusive features used for enhancing the overall efficiency of usage of snaps. The main attractions of this section encourage many people to use it without delay. Many teenagers and adults all through the world nowadays are willing to use the special text option in the snapchat app. This is because they have geared up for using the smart method to overlay snap with large emoji or text as per their wishes. As an alternative caption style in our time, the special text feature in this app assists every user who likes to include the most attractive emoji or text in large size on the snap used to attract people almost immediately.

Doodling is one of the well-known features of this app and recommended for everyone who likes to make impressive changes in the snap every time. You may slide the rainbow colour bar soon after you have planned to pick the best suitable colour. As compared to using the most common doodling, you can make use of the distinctive colours in snaps and create the most distinctive snaps without any difficulty. If you draw with the white crayon and touch the color slider, then you can drag your finger towards the left corner of the screen. All android users nowadays take advantage of the white crayon built-in their rainbow slider. There are many hidden colours. Once you have dragged your finger from the colour slider to the bottom or left of the snap, you can use more than a few distinctive colours usually not available on the colour palate.

There are many fun filters in the image messaging and multimedia mobile app Snapchat. You can add fun filters and make fun snaps beyond what you have expected. The most recent updates of this mobile app support users to get loads of favourable elements from the Instagram like filters. You can successfully add data labels art and fun filters to snap with an aim to make it impressive in all aspects. If you use the Geolocation filter, then you can overlay the art as well as other labels on the snap based on your current location without any delay and difficulty.


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Belly Dancing

There is debate, even different schools, as to what this dance is and what it does for different people. For some, it is a secular entertainment, derived from folk dances that are still used by their native cultures. For others, it is an act that moves the mountains of their souls. And yet others have a spiritual basis for their involvement in belly dance.

There is definitely something intangible about how this dance form moves people.

Personal View

With so many takes on the issue, it is wise for one to tread lightly. But as it is also a significant part of the dance for many people, we must, indeed, tread, if only to explore the alternatives and variations that are out there. This issue shares one dancer’s personal experience with Sufism and the new light it gave to her dance.

Tamsin Murray, aka Nahari, is a student of Sufi Master and Drummer Adnan Sarhan. Tamsin is currently writing a book on the Sufi experience. She has traveled worldwide with Adnan performing in Europe, the US and in Australia.

There are a great many sites on Sufism, and so many of them look interesting! But not necessarily related to the topic at hand…so here are a few that are.